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New Jersey born and raised, Anna Marie is now living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to share in her grandchildren’s lives. She fell into narrating because of her passion for reading. Anna Marie has a deep dedication to crafting the author’s vision. Her favorite part is building a relationship with each author and getting to enjoy each one’s style and becoming deeply involved in their creation.

First of all, I'd like to mention how professional you are, in your emails, your response times, and in how eager you are to get the job done right! You show no trepidation in any and all feedback, and have never once shirked any edits I've sent your way. Because of this, I could review the audios you returned with peace of mind that when I wanted something changing, you changed it. Also, your feedback was phenomenal, it really made my day, and the final product came across wonderful! I couldn't have been happier with how you handled some of my most important scenes, and your support even after the job was done has been greatly appreciated. I've never worked with anyone from this profession before, but you helped set the bar high and I'm so grateful.

Dangel Angello

Good evening Anna Marie, I just want you to know how much I appreciate the time and effort on making my stories come to life on audio. At first, I was kind of skeptical on turning my books into audio and then I heard your audition. When you are reading my stories out loud, you brought my stories to life. You emphasized all of the question marks, exclamation marks, quotes, humor and sarcasm in every sentence. Not only did you deliver, you delivered before time. Thank you so much Anna Marie Peloso. I am looking forward to working with you more in the future.

Wyketha K Parkman, Author/Publisher

Anna Marie Peloso is the perfect narrator for Gia San Valentino's story, A KISS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. With a quick and snappy speaking style, Ms. Peloso brings Gia to life from the page and made me feel every ounce of the character's angst concerning her crazy Italian family and her Catholic-guilt crush on Tim Santini. Brava!

Peg Jaeger

Anna Marie was the first narrator to audition for The Dream State Journey To Source. I wanted to wait about a week to consider other narrators. However, after listening to Anna’s style of reading my story in just the magical way I desired a few times, I chose her within just a day. I’m confident that I made the best choice. I’m so grateful to have been blessed to work with such a talented, professional and prompt narrator on my very first audio book. I really look forward to working with Anna Marie on my entire Dream State book series.

Mallori Alexandria

Anna Marie Peloso

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